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Social Security claimants pass up billions of dollars annually by not using a simple, but rarely used, benefit option.

There are important Social Security questions you need to answer to get the largest benefits possible.

Consequently by taking your time to learn the answers to these questions about Social Security Benefits you will have the confidence to make informed decisions to get the largest retirement, spouse and widow or widower checks possible.

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Maximize your Social Security Benefits
What Social Security Means For You...
When should I start Social Security Benefits?
Learn the pros and cons of retiring at age 62, 65, 67 or 70. There are over 10 billion in unclaimed social security benefits, learn an insider tip so your benefits don't go unclaimed. Your Social Security Benefit Analysis will be specific to your Social Security record and the benefits you are entitled to receiving.

Should I get Benefits from my Record or as a Spouse?
There are various ways for you to get the most benefits. A rarely used insider tip shows you how to get extra spouse benefits even though the primary worker hasn't retired. In addition, learn how you can get spouse benefits while your own benefits continue to grow.

Your Social Security Benefit Analysis is designed to give you the information you need to make an informed decision on the best way to maximize your Social Security Retirement Benefits. Here is a sample of what you’ll learn:

Don and JoAnne are a married couple…

Q: JoAnne has not worked long enough to get Social Security because she stayed home to raise their
sons. Will her check be one-half of Don’s check?

A: Her Full Retirement Amount will be half of Don’s Primary Insurance Amount. Example: if Don is due $1,000 at Full Retirement Age, JoAnne will get $500. However, the actual check amounts will depend on the ages of each spouse when checks start. As you can see in the following example, JoAnne will get exactly one half of Don’s amount only if she is the same age as Don and both start checks at Full Retirement Age.

Both 66 Years old He is 66, She is 62 He is 62, She is 66
Don's Check $1,000 (Full Amount) $1,000 (Full Amount) $750 (25% Penalty*)
JoAnne's Check $500 (Full Amount) $350 (30% Penalty*) $500 (Full Amount)
* The early retirement penalty is larger for the spouse than for the worker.
What will my Spouse get if I die?
You will learn how much your spouse will collect if you die. Furthermore, the Social Security Benefit Analysis will show you how a widow or widower can switch back and forth between retirement and survivor benefits to collect the most money from both programs. Learn when you should draw widow benefits for the biggest benefit.

Can I get Benefits from my Ex-Husband?
The rules are explained concerning divorced spouse benefits. Often you can get divorced spouse benefits even if your ex-spouse doesn't sign up for benefits. We explain whether you should collect your own retirement benefits or divorced spouse benefits or both.

Don't be Shortchanged!
We warn you about areas that cause underpayments. For example, over 250 million W-2s have never been credited to any worker. We reveal a simple, but rarely used insider tip to make sure you get credit for all of your work. Furthermore, you will learn the different times to contact Social Security to draw the most benefits possible throughout your life.

Social Security Benefit Analysis Free Report
For a married couple, the difference between a good Social Security election decision and a poor one is
often well over $100,000.00

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